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Videos – Entertain, Engage, Expand and Educate

Every day over 100 million people watch an online video. While many are watching videos for entertainment, most want to get help with a problem or are searching for a product or a professional service. It is a proven fact, that people would rather watch a video than read about their search topic.

Keep in mind that YouTube is the second largest search engine and videos posted on it come up in search results. When properly optimized,  videos posted on YouTube can increase traffic to your website.

Business websites with videos are more engaging than the ones without videos. Use videos on your website and increase your opportunities to engage and convert your website visitors into customers.

Add Online Video to Your Marketing

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Video marketing can be used in a number of ways to benefit your business:

DIY, educational and tutorial

Before buying or hiring a professional, many people research about what they need help with. By creating educational videos, you are establishing yourself as the expert in your field. People much rather buy from an expert than a sales person.


Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool as they provide social proof and are much more credible as others tell the world how great you are versus written reviews.

Promotional videos

Promotional online videos can help grow your business effectively and can correspond to your advertising campaigns.

Video Blog

Use your most popular blog posts to create a video, or start a video blog as a great way to cover important topics.  Video will help you reach those people who have never read your blog posts.

Address objections

If there is an objection about your business, video is a perfect way to respond.  Regardless of what the objections are, you can turn them into a useful marketing video.


Most FAQ website sections are very boring. It’s a great idea to create a video FAQ section for your website to post new videos about recently asked questions.

If online video is still missing from your marketing you are missing a huge opportunity.

Video can help you achieve multiple marketing goals, such as gaining interest, visually representing your brand, drawing more traffic to your website or converting a website visitor to a client.

Eptimizer offers video production services including:

  • on-location video and photo shooting
  • digital video editing
  • flexible project lengths
  • adding text to video
  • voice-over and/or music background
  • streaming your video on the web and converting to CD or DVD
  • optimizing your video for the search engines

Eptimizer’s video production services include the following types of videos:

  • Product demos
  • Promotional and company overviews
  • Educational and “how-to”
  • Narrative

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Video production services are billed on an hourly basis.

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